January 18, 2018 - Officer's Meeting Overview

Attending - Linda Glantz - Manager, Lois Young - President, Tammy Alwine - Treasurer, Fred Stoner - Secretary, and our Director, Vanessa Murawski.

  • General discussion on the need to find a drummer who can either sit-in or attend rehearsals prior to performances. 
  • Vanessa has spoken to a gentleman from the Gettysburg Band as a possible substitute director when needed.   Vanessa will follow-up with this individual.
  • A list of music was reviewed for the upcoming season and recommendations made to have a Patriotic Concert as a fall-back for use when requested.  
  • The Officers decided that the official name of our Band will be "The Singer Band of Mechanicsburg".  Tammy said this will not require any name changes on our checks.
  • Linda reported that we have been offered the Messiah Village Chapel as an alternate rehearsal site if our regular location is unavailable. When needed, this location will be posted on the Schedule with directions. 
  • The Officers authorized the printing of business cards as our current supply is low
  • Discussion concerning a fund raising event.  Linda will follow-up with local fire Companies to see if they would be willing to host a barbequ or get us names for people who do this for them.  Fred will follow-up with Strock's on Williams Grove Road to see if they could do this at a local park or if they would cater this at their facilities.
  • Band membership list is being updated and will be distributed to the Officers for official use only.
  • Discussion on holding sectional rehearsals in conjunction with the regular rehearsals.  Vanessa will make some suggestions at a later date but the Officers felt this would be a benefit.  
  • Vanessa will look into starting a Singer Band e-mail account for band members.  There will be some technical matters to address before this happens.