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Meet Vanessa Murawski

Vanessa Murawski

On behalf of the Band Officers, we welcome Miss Vanessa Murawski as our new Director.  Vanessa agreed to take this position starting in the Fall of 2016.

Vanessa has an extensive musical teaching, directing, and performance background and is currently working in the Howard County School District.  While this is her first year in her current assignment, she taught for 5 years in State College, PA. While she was there she was responsible for band, choir, and. She taught briefly in the Gettysburg Area School District directing the beginner and 6th grade bands. Currently she has gone back to her roots and is teaching general music at a small elementary school in Columbia, MD.

Along with spending time teaching, Vanessa has spent a lot of time working with youth musical organizations (vocal director, pit musician, etc). Working with children is a huge calling in her life. However, she has also spent time working in her community and church with adult bands and choirs. Since her high school years Vanessa has played in a number of community bands (French Horn!), most recently with the Greater Harrisburg Community Band. In short, if it involves music Vanessa has probably spent at least some time doing it!

We welcome Vanessa's leadership and musical interpretation.  People who attend our concerts have spoken highly of her musical selections. 

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