VIBRALIFE  - Mechanicsburg

From our regular rehearsal location at the Mechanicsburg Middle School:

Go the the red light on the south end of the Middle School parking lot.  Turn left and head back towards Elmwood school where we sometimes rehearse.  This is South Market Street into Mechanicsburg.

Continue down the hill, past Sheetz, AMP, and what was once the Book of The Month distribution center. 

There is a "Y" in the road on your right.  Follow the RIGHT fork.  VibraLife is on your right just before the stop sign on Elmwood Avenue.  Plenty of parking.

If you took the wrong fork in the road at the "Y", continue on this road until you see the school on your right.   Turn right onto Elmwood and continue to the stop sign. You will see VibraLife across from the School athletic field to your right. 


Turn onto Market Street to go SOUTH out of town like you were going to our regular rehearsal location.  Continue on Market Street until you come to East Elmwood Ave. on your left.  Continue past Elmwood school to the stop sign and you will see VibraLife across the street to your right.  It's a new complex.