Welcome to our source of Historic music from the Civil War Era.  As noted in our History section on this web-site, our origins go back to the 1850's when we were known as the Keystone Cornet Band.  The main function of this music group, consisting of local volunteer percussion and brass players, was to perform at public events, some of which certainly were departing trains taking local boys to the War since Mechanicsburg Station was one of the larger stopping points for trains traveling east/west through Pennsylvania farm country.   

As a Tribute to the 150th Anniversary of this Great Conflict, celebrated in 2013, we offer a selection of music from that era.  These songs can also be heard by purchasing one of our recorded CDís by simply talking to any Band Member before or after a Concert.  They will direct you to where you can make the purchase for $15.00 which will go to support our Organization through the purchase of music.  As in the 1850ís, we are still an Organization of volunteers who delight in performing music for the enjoyment of the public  

Each of the lines below is a link to the song shown:

Rally Round The Flag                                         Arranged by R. E. Hildreth

Dixie/Bonnie Blue Flag                                        Transcribed by Jari A. Villanueva

Ashokan Farewell                                                Jay Unger arranged by Calvin Custer (theme for the PBS documentary on the Civil War)

Civil War Suite                                                    Harold L. Walters

     1) The Gathering Clouds

     2) All Quiet Along The Potomac Tonight

     3) When Jonny Comes Marching Home

Port Royal Gallop                                             Claudio Grafulla edited by our very own Mathew A. Wieseman

Shenandoah                                                      Frank Ticheli

Washington Grays                                             Claudio Grafulla arranged by G. H. Reeves

The Blue and the Gray                                       Clare Grundman